Until its use was banned some years ago Asbestos was used widely in many forms in a variety of industries in particular the building, plumbing and heating industries, and its widespread use means that a huge number of people have potentially been exposed either directly or indirectly to it. This means that many thousands of people may have been exposed to this deadly material over the years. Exposure to asbestos dust and fibres is not something that is confined to industrial workers nor is it…Continue Reading “Claims for compensation for asbestos related illnesses is possible.”

ECAA1 Turkish Workers Visa – An option for Turkish citizens who would like to work in the UK. Turkish citizens have two options available to them if they wish to settle in the United Kingdom. The first route to settlement which is popular and well known is under the Business Ankara Agreement route- ECAA2- Turkish Businessperson. Applicants are required to undertake research, prepare a viable business plan and have sufficient capital to invest in business in the UK. After completing 4 years in this category…Continue Reading “ECCA Turkish Workers Visa”

Losing contact with a grandchild causes great heartbreak for a grandparent nevertheless almost 1 million grandparents are now in this position, often through no fault of their own.  If you are in this unfortunate position don’t despair help is at hand. It may be that your son or daughter have divorced or separated and the parent left with the main care of the children is not prepared to allow contact between the children and you as part of their ongoing argument with their ex-spouse/partner. In…Continue Reading “Grandparents Rights”

High frequency of incidences related to job accidents, the irregularities that cause them, and the serious grievances resulting from them are problems for society as well. Nevertheless, it is important for the employer to be aware of the liability arising from work accidents and legal consequences, as well as for the awareness of the legal rights of workers in case of work accidents. An employer has a responsibility for the health and safety in a place of work. It is the employers’ duty to protect…Continue Reading “Accidents at Work and Employer’s Responsibilities”

The authorities are tightening up on regulation and enforcement of regulation. Things you may have been able to ‘get away with’ a few years ago may now cost you dear. So I thought it was time for a roundup of some of the top mistakes I see landlords making 1. Failing to register the tenancy deposit It’s been over 10 years since these rules first came into force but landlords (and even letting agents) are STILL making mistakes. Some still don’t seem to be aware…Continue Reading “6 Serious Mistakes Made by Landlords”

Do I need a Pre-nuptial Agreement? Most people think that a prenuptial agreement is only for people who are very rich or very famous, but this really isn’t the case. There are a number of very valid reasons why you and your partner might seek a prenuptial agreement, and none of them has to do with thinking that your marriage won’t last. Before we look at whether you need a prenuptial agreement, let’s explore what a prenuptial agreement actually is and how it applies here,…Continue Reading “Pre-nuptial Agreements”

The breakdown of a marriage can be a traumatic, stressful and difficult time.  Before you consider divorce proceedings you must be sure that this is the only way forward.  Do not act hastily if there is the possibility of reconciliation then either one or both of you should seek help. For example, you could attend professional counselling to talk through your relationship problems. You could also consider a trial separation.  This would give you both the opportunity to live apart and take time to consider…Continue Reading “Divorce and Separation”

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled that the minimum income threshold of £18,600 to bring into Britain a spouse from outside of the EU were legal in a case called MM (Lebanon) & Others v the Secretary for the Home Department [2017] UKSC10. The minimum income threshold is accepted in principle, however consideration must be given to the best interests of the children, a matter to be properly taken into account in the balancing and decision making process. The ruling, made back in February,…Continue Reading “Changes to the Minimum Income Rules for foreign spouses”