Short-term study visas

Who may apply for this visa?

This visa is aimed at non-EEA nationals who intend to come to the UK in order to undertake a short study course, such as an English language course or a training course. It is not possible to bring family members as dependents on a Short Term Study Visa. They must apply separately and be issued with a UK visa in their own right.

What are the requirements for a short-term study visa?

  • You are over 18;
  • You have been accepted onto a course of study at an acceptable place of study (if applying to learn English as a foreign language on a mixed course, only some of which involves English language tuition, this will not be accepted);
  • You intend to leave at the end of your visit;
  • You are not travelling to the UK for work;
  • You have sufficient funds to support yourself for the duration of your intended stay in the UK, and can meet the costs of your return or onward journey
  • If studying at an overseas higher education institution, and part of your course is in the UK or if already enrolled on an overseas course and intend to come to the UK for a short period of research, you can apply for a short-term study visa.
  • Place of study must hold a Tier 4 sponsor licence; or
  • Hold valid accreditation from Accreditation UK, the Accreditation Body for Language Services (ABLS), the British Accreditation Council (BAC) or the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC); or
  • Hold a valid and satisfactory full institutional inspection, review or audit from an approved body; or
  • Be an overseas institution offering part of its programmes in the UK which is equivalent to a degree.

Activities not permitted

  • Not able to undertake paid or unpaid work
  • Enter in to a marriage or civil partnership
  • Not to come to the UK for private medical treatment
  • No access to public funds

How long is this visa granted for?

Short-term study visa are valid for either 6 months (for short courses) or 11 months (for adults studying English language courses only).

If you wish to stay in the UK for a longer period in order to complete studies then you should consider applying for a Tier 4 General Student visa.

Parents of Tier 4 Child Students visa

Who may apply for this visa?

This visa is aimed at non-EEA parents of children who are in the UK under a valid Tier 4 child student visa and studying at an independent fee-paying school. A parent can accompany their child only until he/she turns 12 years old. Leave is granted 6 or 12 months at a time and can be extended up until the child has reached 12 years old. It is not possible to bring family members as dependents on a Parent of a Tier 4 child student visa, they must apply separately.

What are the requirements for a parent of a tier 4 child student visa?

  • You are the parent of a child under 12 years old;
  • Your child has valid leave to study at a Tier 4 institution;
  • You maintain a second home outside of the UK;
  • You do not intend to work or study while in the UK;
  • Sufficiently able to maintain yourself without access to public funds;
  • Intend to leave the UK when your leave expires;
  • Able to meet costs of return or outward journey.

Activities not permitted

  • Not make your main home in the UK
  • Not take up paid employment
  • Not permitted to study

How long is this visa granted for?

This visa is usually valid for either 6 or 12 months. After this, extensions are granted for 12 months at a time until your child is 12 years old.

If at the time of application, your child will have their 12th birthday in the next 12 months or finish their final year at school in the next 12 months, you will be given a shorter visa and not be able to extend your stay in the UK.