Change of Name

There are many reasons why an individual would wish to change their name.  It maybe that their name has been mis-spelt on their birth certificate, they may have married and divorced or they may simply not like their name.  Here at Advantage Solicitors we can help.  We offer a same day service where we can prepare a document called a Change of Name Deed.  All you need to do is contact us and we can make an appointment for you to come into our office to see a Solicitor who will prepare the document for you.   We charge a small fixed fee of £100 plus vat.  We will provide you with your Change of Name Deed together with certified copies for you to give to your bank, building society, doctor in order for them to amend their records.

Further if you have children and you want to change their name, as long as both parents provide consent and sign the Change of Name Deed then we can help.

If you are therefore looking to change your name please give us a call here at Advantage Solicitors and we can help on 0208 807 1676.

man and woman signing document or prenup
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