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Sponsorship Licence

Sponsorship Licence

In order to sponsor skilled non-European migrants, employers are required to have a sponsor license which is granted by the Home Office.

 If you have a business or a company who intend to employ workers from abroad then contact Advantage Solicitors Immigration team
of lawyers who can advise you on the sponsor license application process.
The process for obtaining a sponsorship license requires the business owner to meet certain requirements.

You are a genuinely trading entity with operations based in the UK and are acting lawfully, this includes ensuring that all of your non-EEA workers are appropriately documented and have the right to work in the UK;

Your leading personnel – e.g. board members, CEO, etc. – are honest, dependable and reliable;

You have no previous history of immigration non-compliance or any relevant criminal convictions.

 You have effective human resource procedures and recruitment practices in place to meet your sponsorship duties; and, finally,

You are offering employment that is considered genuine and is in accordance with the terms of the Tier 2 skill levels and rates of pay.

Upon receipt of all necessary evidence the Home Office will decide whether to grant a license. In some circumstances the Home Office may request to visit the site of your premises and make an assessment as to whether or not to grant the license.

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