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Divorce and Family

Divorce can be an extremely emotional, overwhelming and incredibly difficult time for many going through it. As a result, you need someone who is on your side and can be trusted to act on your behalf, and this is exactly what our family law department is here for. Our team can provide you with expert legal advice on matters relating to your matrimonial matter including, children and the division of assets within your divorce.

At the outset your solicitor will listen to your requests, worries and expectations. Thereafter we can discuss the options available to you. We will ensure we give you a realistic picture of where you stand, inform you of your rights and understand those of your ex-partner too. At Advantage Solicitors we will do all we can to make your divorce as simple and stress free as possible.

Our divorce law services

At Advantage Solicitors, our family law department can help you with all aspects of divorce, including:

Applying for a divorce
Responding to divorce proceedings
Making arrangements for children
Resolving any other issues connected to your divorce.

What is the process for getting divorced?

Check that you are eligible to get a divorce
Decide if you want to make a joint application or a sole application
Apply online (there’s a £593 fee to apply for a divorce)
The Respondent has 14 days to complete and return the Acknowledgement of Service form to the court.
Wait for a mandatory 20 cooling off period
Apply for a Conditional Divorce Order (CDO)
The court issues a Certificate of Entitlement, confirming the date your Conditional Divorce Order
Wait six weeks and a day before applying for a Final Order
Apply for the Final Divorce Order
Final Divorce Order granted by the Court

How long does a divorce take?

On average divorce process takes between six to eight months. During your divorce procedure issues relating to the children as well as the assets acquired during marriage can be discussed as there is a 20 weeks cooling off period, a no fault divorce will take a minimum of six months.

How much is the legal fees of Divorce?

At Advantage Solicitors, we offer a fixed fee rate of £750 (plus VAT) to deal with your divorce matter. Fees will be discussed during the proceedings and should there be a variation you will be informed by your file handler.

How Advantage Solicitors can help?

Please take the initial step in contacting our team who will proceed by taking a history of your case and discuss your options, timescale and likely costs aspects of your case.

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