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Road Traffic Accident Claims


If you or your family member has been involved in a road traffic accident our team of specialist solicitors can help in arranging rehabilitation and compensation.

Steps to take when you have been involved in either a vehicle accident or other road accident?

  • At the outset you must ensure the details of all parties are noted including names, address, telephone, insurance details and vehicle registration numbers and the date of the accident.
  • Ensure the accident is reported to the police at the scene or within 3 days of the accident.
  • Obtain details of witnesses or others at the scene of accident.
  • Contact your insurers and notify them of the accident.

How can Advantage Solicitors help with your road traffic accident?

Advantage Solicitors are experience in the area and have a specialised team of lawyers who can provide assistance on your claim for personal injury. Our legal team are also fluent in various language some of which are as follows:












How will my claim be funded?

Your claim will be funded on a No Win No Fee basis which means you do not need to pay anything at the start of your claim and there will be nothing to pay in the event that your claim is unsuccessful.

What types of road traffic accidents are there?

  • Accident involving a vehicle

This type of road traffic accident involve pedestrian crossing the road, car passengers, bus passengers, rear-end shunt and hit and run accidents.

  • Pedestrian accidents

If you are a pedestrian and have been involved in a road traffic accident your rights are well protected by Law. If a pedestrian is knocked down at traffic lights, a crossing or other place where they should have been visible to oncoming traffic there will always be some fault attached on part of the vehicle user.

  • Passenger accidents

Alternatively, if you are a passenger in an accident then there will always be a claim as you are the innocent party and suffered injury as a result of the negligence of either your driver or the third party driver. Passengers cannot be held in control of the vehicle they occupy therefore cannot be guilty of negligence in terms of causing the accident.

However, the only negligence issue for passengers relates to use of a seatbelt. All passengers on a vehicle are required by law to use seatbelts. In the event that you were involved in an accident and failed to wear a seatbelt then you are likely to have your compensation reduced by a percentage due to your contribution to the negligent act of the driver.

  • Bus passenger claims

Bus drivers owe a duty to protect their passengers from avoidable injury resulting from an accident. Bus accidents occur when passengers are thrown around in a bus that is driven away from a bus stop before the passenger are seated or driver driving too fast and unreliably. If you have been injured following the negligence of a bus driver then ensure you obtain details of witnesses, the bus number, the bus driver personal details and the operator.

  • Rear-end shunt

Rear end shunt is the most common scenario where one vehicle fails to brake and collides with the back of the vehicle in front. Almost in majority of cases the liability will rest with the driver of the vehicle behind.

  • Uninsured Drivers or Hit and run claims

If you sustained injuries or have been involved in a hit and run or the party who caused the accident was not insured, then the case can still be dealt with by the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) rather than an insurance company.

All vehicles on the road must be insured. However, in rare cases there may be instances where the vehicle has not been insured and the claim is then directed to the MIB, who will be the compensating body in the successful cases.

Uninsured cases are dealt in the same way as other personal injury claims. The MIB have a different scheme for hit and run cases. Under the scheme court proceedings are not allowed and there are special rules governing the eligibility, procedure and costs aspects.

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