When you are out and about, whether in the street, parks or other public place, you are entitled to go about your daily life without the risk of injury. Public bodies and business have a duty of care to the public in that they need to make sure their premises and public highways are maintained properly.

Please contact our team of lawyers if you have had an accident in a public place as you may be entitled to compensation. Even if you are not sure who is responsible for your injuries its worth contacting our team. Our personal injury lawyers will investigate your case to work out who is responsible and from the outset of your claim we will notify you of whether you can make a claim and the potential damages to expect.

 Pedestrian highway injuries

Local authorities owe a statutory duty to keep pavements in repair. If the authorities fail to do so and the pavement becomes dangerous they may be liable to a person who suffers a fall as a result and sustains injuries.

It is well known that these cases can be rather difficult to win because the local authorities can often rely on the defence that they had proper inspection and repair systems in place. As a result, it is very important for the injured person to take photographs of the accident location and defect or cause of the fall.

Injury claims in other public places

The various places where a fall can occur is in shops, bars, restaurants, bars, cinemas, schools and communal parts of residential buildings. The list can be endless and therefore it is important to note that if a person or organisation invites you on to its land then they owe you a duty to ensure reasonable steps are taken to prevent any potential suffering of injury. Nonetheless it should be noted that this is not an absolute duty as no one can be held liable for a mere accident or another person’s misfortune. If you are unsure as to whether you can make a claim, please contact our experienced team of lawyers who can help.

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