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Grievance Procedure

Grievance Procedure

Managing disciplinary and grievance procedures can present a challenge to busy employers – but employers are expected to handle complaints from employees or a disciplinary matter in accordance with the ACAS Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure Code. If an employer fails to do so then they could face being taken to an Employment Tribunal.

Where you are faced with a grievance we can:
Draft grievance procedures;
Formal written grievances;
Advising on investigations;
Advising on rights to be accompanied; and
• Appeals.

Creating and updating effective and fair grievance and disciplinary policies at work can help improve employer – employee relations and reduce the chances of a serious dispute.
At Advantage Solicitors we can advise on drafting policies for handling grievances and disciplinary matters – as well as reviewing existing policies and advising, if policies fail to comply with the best practice or potentially breach the Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures Code.

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