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ECAA Extension

ECAA Visa Extension

The Turkish Businessperson visa (ECAA visa) closed to new applications at the end of 2020 when the UK left the EU. However, it is still possible for holders of this visa to apply for an extension.

Who can apply for a Turkish Businessperson visa extension?
You can apply for a Turkish Businessperson visa extension if you already hold a valid Turkish Businessperson visa and:
• You are in the UK;
• You intend to continue running the business you established in the UK, start another one, or continue to help run an existing business here.
The Turkish Businessperson visa can be extended for up to 3 years, and you can do this as many times as you wish, as long as you remain eligible.

Requirements for Turkish Businessperson visa extension

The eligibility requirements for a Turkish Businessperson visa extension state that applicants must:
• hold a valid Turkish Businessperson visa that has not yet expired
• not have breached any immigration laws while in the UK
• still, be running a viable business,
• be able to pay their share of the costs of running the business
• be able to show that their share of the profits is still sufficient to support themselves and their dependant family members without needing another job
• not be in “disguised employment”

Turkish Businessperson visa extension documents list

According to the ECAA guidance, to make a successful ECAA application, you will need to provide several documents to the Home Office, including (please note this list is not exhaustive):

• your current valid passport
• proof that you can support and accommodate yourself and any dependants – you will normally need to provide 6 months’ worth of bank statements or payslips
• evidence of your current living costs – this might include:
o tenancy agreement
o mortgage agreement
o utility bills
o council tax statement
o bank statements
• your current biometric residence permit showing your Turkish Businessperson visa
• proof you are still running your business, such as:
o insurance documents
o business accounts
o HMRC tax documents
o evidence of your investment in the business
o a document explaining your involvement in the business
o a business plan
o evidence you are investing money of your own into a new business
o documents for your business premises such as a commercial lease
o partnership agreements

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