Taking that first step, admitting that you are in a violent or emotionally abusive relationship is a very difficult thing to do. Often women and men hide the fact that they are suffering, as they feel afraid, they do not want family and friends finding out what they are going through, they are scared about the future.

We can help. We will meet you in the strictest of confidence, advise you about your options and then leave it in your hands to decide if you want to take matters further. There is no pressure it is up to you to decide if you want us to proceed.

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To help there are two injunctions which we can apply for. They are:

  1. A Non-Molestation Order
  2. An Occupation Order

A Non-Molestation Order is an injunction granted by the court preventing the abuser from coming anywhere near you, threatening, harassing or abusing you in any way. We can ask the court to attach a power of arrest to the Order which means that if the abuser breaches the Order he/she will be arrested.

An Occupation Order is also granted by the court preventing the abuser from residing at the family home (although you can still reside there) or going anywhere near it. The court will usually order the abuser not to go within a set distance of the family home e.g. 50 meters. Again a power of arrest can be attached to the Order.

You should also note that the injunctions can be granted on an emergency basis.