Refugee Settlement

Who may apply for this visa?

You may be able to qualify for indefinite leave to remain if you are a non-UK national who has been granted international protection in the UK for 5 years.

What are the requirements for indefinite leave to remain as a refugee or person with humanitarian protection status?

  • Held a UK Residence Permit as a person granted asylum or humanitarian protection status for a minimum period of 5 years;
  • UK Residence Permit has not been revoked or not renewed;
  • Not been:
  • Sentenced to imprisonment for 4 years or more;
  • Sentenced for between 12 months and 4 years, and less than 15 years has passed since the end of your most recent sentence;
  • Sentenced for less than 12 months, and less than 7 years have passed since the end of your most recent sentence;
  • Convicted of an offence such as fine, community service (custodial service) or penalty notice or caution (court disposal recorded on criminal record) if less than 2 years has passed since you received your sentence
  • Secretary of State believes that you have persistently offended and shown a particular disregard for the law, if less than 7 years passed since your most recent sentence.

Revoked or not renewed

If Secretary of State believes that you no longer need the protection of the UK, your grant of asylum may be revoked or not renewed. Possible situations which may lead to your asylum being revoked or not renewed:

  • You voluntarily returned to your country of nationality;
  • Having lost your previous nationality, you have voluntarily re-acquired it;
  • You have acquired a new nationality and enjoy the protection of that new country;
  • You re-established your life in the country in which you previously claimed to fear persecution;
  • Significant and long lasting changes in the circumstances giving rise to your grant of asylum which mean that you cannot reasonably refuse to seek the protection of your country of nationality or former habitual residence; or
  • You should be, or are, disqualified from being a refugee (e.g. due to having committed a crime against peace, a war crime, a crime against humanity, or acts contrary to the purpose and principles of the United Nations); or
  • You used a misrepresentation, submitted false documents, or omitted facts which were decisive for the grant of asylum; or
  • Reasonable grounds for regarding you to be a danger to the security of the UK; or
  • You have been convicted of a particularly serious crime and constitute a danger to the community of the UK.